Catholic Leaders

Catholic Leaders

The John Paul II Leaders Forum is organised by an independent group of Catholic people to foster collaboration and camaraderie among leaders in various walks of life in contemporary Australia.

What we do

What we do

The John Paul II Australian Leaders Forum brings together leaders from around Australia to identify the latest successful developments in efforts to evangelise the culture.
Audio of all sessions available now -

Audio of all sessions available now -

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The John Paul II Australian Leaders Forum has been founded to give leaders in various walks of life a regular opportunity to meet for the following purposes:

  • Evangelising the culture: To learn about the latest initiatives from Australia and elsewhere for the evangelisation of culture.
  • Building leadership: To help build an intellectual framework and a defining rhetoric to assist Catholic and other Christian leaders to articulate their beliefs and values and to shape the debate in Australia today, especially about issues impinging on Christian life and religious freedom
  • Fostering fellowship and co-operation: To provide a setting for strengthening Christian camaraderie and deepening individual spiritual life, as part of supporting common leadership efforts in evangelisation.
  • Extending networks: To reach out to other Christian leaders who share a vision of collaborative effort for the spiritual and moral revitalisation of Australian culture.



Prayer of the Leaders Forum

O Lord God, we ask that You bless all those gathered at this
John Paul II Australian Leaders Forum.

By the light of Your Holy Spirit, deepen our understanding
of the authentic truths of the Catholic Faith and open our hearts to the
workings of Your grace in our lives.

Impress upon us a greater awareness of our individual
vocations, and awaken our minds to fresh ways of evangelizing the culture of
Australia for the spiritual benefit of our people.

Strengthen our resolve to be leaders in Your service, so
that the sanctity of human life, marriage and the family will be more
faithfully recognised as the foundation of a free society.

Inspire us to cooperate with those in all spheres of life
and faith who earnestly desire the spiritual and moral revitalisation of
Australian life.

We humbly ask this through Your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ,
and through the intercession of the Patroness of Australia, Our Lady Help of
Christians, and of the Patron of this Leaders Forum, Blessed John Paul II.          Amen.

With Ecclesiastical approval: George Cardinal Pell, Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy